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Deputy General & Assistant Managers - Branded Restaurant

Location: UK Wide
Approx. Salary: £24k-39k+bonus

Chi va piano, va sano e va lontano”: According to an old Italian proverb, “If you have an easy-going and relaxed approach to life, you’ll live more healthily and longer”. And this is exactly the attitude which is lived every day in our restaurants—by both our guests and our staff.

It has been this way since the 22nd of October, 2002, when the first Restaurant in Hamburg, Germany, opened its doors. Two years later, our founders decided to set the Business on a world tour and today there are already over 140 Restaurants in 26 countries on 4 continents, with many more international openings planned for the future.

Our long oak tables are an open invitation to communication—with friends, family, or even with other guests. Conversation always comes easy in good company especially over great food!

When you arrive you'll be given a card and you use this to register your order as our chef prepares your meal.

Pasta, pizzas, antipasti and salads are ordered directly from our chefs at the individual stations within the restaurant and we prepare all dishes to order in front of you so that you have your meal prepared exactly how you want it.
Extra garlic? Done. Extra chilli? No problem.

We also give 2 slices of freshly baked ciabatta bread with every pasta dish-perfect for mopping up the homemade sauce

Favorite dishes can be created, and then individually refined. The herb garden and the fresh herbs on the tables are not just for decoration, but for you to add to your meal if you feel like it. Go on, tear a few basil leaves and add them to your pizza -delicious!

You can see how the pasta is made fresh each day in our specially designed pasta machine (the manifattura) in the middle of each Restaurant.
Our pizza dough, our sauces and dressings, and our pesto are all prepared in-house and guaranteed to be made of the finest ingredients. Every one of our Restaurants all around the world takes care of producing its own food fresh daily, (we do not have a central production facility)

Thanks to the smart-card payment system, you just pay for what you have ordered on your card at the front desk when you are ready to leave the restaurant.

Don't forget to take a spoonful of gummy bears when you leave - a little treat to keep you smiling as you walk down the street.

If you are driven by passion for Service and People, and have a work ethic and ambition that matches ours then please apply now!

Date Posted: 13 July 2019

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