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RTR Performance Coaching

Location: UK Wide
Approx. Salary: Charge to you is 100's not 1000's

The UK Retail & Hospitality market is fiercely Competitive , with Clients looking for the best Talent, and the best Talent looking for the best Roles and Companies.
Would you like some support in achieving a higher level of Performance in the market, a Competitive edge over others?

RTR recognises that Coaching Candidates in the Market will boost their Confidence, improve performance and ultimately increase your chance of securing the Roles that you really want.

The Service includes:
CV Consultancy
Reality v Expectation - a positive but realistic assessment of you and the marketplace.
Interview support & advice
Market Analysis - making sense of the Retail/Hospitality market, information on Company cultures etc.
Access to my Client list & Contacts - over 1,000 potentially useful people [ useful for so many reasons, including establishing and preparing for interviews ].
Honest Consultancy - Somebody to bounce ideas & thoughts off, and a listening ear and a supporter of you.
There are no guarantees with this Service and no outcomes are certain, so it is about Trust at the end of the day, but what I will guarantee is that I will do my best to Coach you to success.

The all important Fees are:
3 months - 475
6 months - 695
'Having contacted several agencies Simon at RTR by far offered the best overall experience. With RTR I received personal quality service with access to the best employers. Throughout my search Simon kept me updated and was always happy to answer my questions. He did a fantastic PR job for me getting me interviews with blue chip companies. I really bought into , and enjoyed his Coaching and his style. Throughout the process Simon gave honest and constructive feedback . If you are looking for a Senior management position RTR understands the market, has the contacts and respects its clients, an excellent partner who I would not hesitate to recommend.'
Andy Perara Senior Manager Asda

''If it were not for Simon's professionalism and approach I would not have found employment. I can honestly recommend him as a Coach and Recruiter to employees and employers alike."
Stuart Wheeler MD Retail Jewellery Business

I believe that this Coaching service will give you a Competitive edge beyond other Candidates. So far this has proved to be the case with the Candidates that I have worked with.
For me it is the best part of what I do and my biggest strength, if you are curious to find out more then please do not hesitate to get in touch:
Mobile: 07786 917219

RTR Performance coaching - it could just make the difference you are looking for

Date Posted: 21 August 2017

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