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Venue Development Manager - Birmingham Guild SU

Location: Birmingham
Approx. Salary: £37k + package

The Venues Department manages the Guild’s large scale events, bars, catering, security and technical services (sound, light & production) within the Engagement Directorate. The Engagement Directorate is one of three at the Guild, reporting to the CEO alongside the Directorates of Operations and Support & Representation.
Job Purpose:
The Venues Development Manager is a key role in leading, developing and supporting staff to deliver the Guild’s strategic plan for students. Acting as a role model for the required standard of values, behaviour and performance, we expect managers to create an inclusive and engaging environment for all.
The Venues Development Manager is required:
• To develop venues related commercial income, in line with the Commercial Strategy, including the development of new income streams, and the efficient operations of existing income streams
• To be responsible for the development and efficiency of the Guild’s large scale events, bars, catering, security, technical services, and customer service
• To be proactive in the development of commercial operations to ensure that all services and activities support students to have fun in an inclusive environment, as set out in the Guild’s strategic plan

This will require a highly student and customer focused approach together with an emphasis on teamwork. The role involves extensive collaboration with internal and external stakeholders to ensure that staff and Officers are well-informed, prepared and supported to engage with students.
Success in the role will be built on robust commercial acumen, good working relationships with stakeholders, acting as a strong, positive ambassador for the Guild and having a clear focus on taking action to ensure that under-represented groups can find a comfortable place here.
Generating a culture of ambitious targets and taking a strategic approach to the evaluation and development of the departments’ work are key. People managers are expected to act as role models for the Guild’s competency framework, which should be read in conjunction with this job description.

Key Role Responsibilities
1. To work with the Director of Engagement and Senior Management Team to ensure the successful delivery and development of the Venues operations, including all licensed trade, catering operations, security and events across the Guild in order to support the strategic plan.

2. To be responsible for Venues resources, including the management of beverage and food stocks, in order to maximise gross profit margins and contribute to the Guild’s commercial income.

3. To be responsible for the development, implementation, management and maintenance of Venues systems, in order to maximise efficiency, effectiveness and margins.

4. To be responsible for the project management and delivery of events to support engagement with our members.

5. To be responsible for sale of alcohol for the Guild in line with Licensing Act 2003, and the Guild’s Club Premises Certificate.

6. To ensure Venues policies and procedures are maintained in line with relevant legislation updates, and that staff are trained appropriately and aware of their responsibilities to ensure legal compliance.

7. To work with the Facilities Manager to ensure health and safety policies are developed and implemented effectively to maintain the safety of members and staff using Venue operations, including emergency evacuation and security.

8. To oversee the development and management of Venue operations departmental budgets, ensuring regular monitoring and ensure adherence to the Guild’s financial procedures.

9. To be responsible for the operation and security of the Guild of Students building outside of office working hours, and to have key holder responsibilities for opening, locking up and on call duties.

10. To oversee and review the reporting of incidents, ensuring staff are effectively trained in order to reduce the number of incidents taking place.

11. To be responsible for the management and ongoing development in relevant local and national accreditation schemes in order to benchmark and showcase Guild events, bars, security etc.

12. To be responsible for the management of Venues core and student staff, including recruitment, induction and training, ensuring all staff training is kept up to date to reflect legislation and policy.

13. To oversee the work of the Venues team to ensure high levels of customer service and care, and monitoring of customer care standards, in line with Guild customer care charter.

14. To participate in Guild committees as required, including preparing and presenting reports.

Date Posted: 26 May 2021

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